Santa Clara Valley Darts Association


Thu, 2023 Aug 10 - Fall 2023 Captain's Meeting and Tournament

The Captain's Meeting for Fall 2023 will be held on Thu Aug 10 at Court's Lounge (Google, Facebook). The meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm ("Normal Dart Time"). Each team must have a member in-attendance (preferably the captain), or be penalized a match point. We use this meeting to equate each team with the schedule, as well as any significant updates within the league. We encourage everyone to attend!

Following the meeting, we are planning on hosting an open blind draw tournament (Entry $10). Signups will close by approximately 8:15pm, and start by 8:30pm (depending on length of prior meeting - please get there early so we can get this started even earlier!). Actual format and start time will depend on number of attendees.

Tue, 2023 Aug 01 - Fall 2023 Signups Due Now!

Signups for the SCVDA Fall 2023 Season are due no later than Friday August 4th. Please use the signup sheet ("Join the SCVDA") to signup your team.

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