Weekly Saturday Dart Tournament

Beefy's Cabin

693 Grape Ave.
(408) 736-7141

Every Saturday

9:00 PM
Starting January 31, 2004

8:00 PM
Starting January 6, 2018

Sign ups start at 8:30 PM

Sign ups start at 7:30 PM

Blind Draw Doubles - Chicago
Best of 3, Double Elimination

Cost $5.00 / Player + $1 Mystery Out

Beefy's Cabin Adds $50 or more to the pot, and $10 to Mystery Out, depending on number of entrants

Coordinators: David Steinberg, Keith Whitney

Russell says "Remember, Beefy's will allow you to bring food in to the bar (no drink); as long as people continue to clean up their own messes, I imagine Peter and Rick will allow the priviledge to remain intact (and the occassional bribe of a pizza slice or two doesn't hurt).

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