Santa Clara Valley Darts Association


Fri, 2022 Jan 14 - Signups for Spring 2022

We are now accepting signups for the Spring 2022 season. You may signup as a team or as an individual, and we will try to match you with a team. Sign-ups are due by Friday January 28th at 9pm, with Captain's Meeting to follow on Thursday February 3.

Note: The SCVDA Board expects all members and their guests to comply with current city and county health guidelines while participating in any SCVDA event.

Tue, 2021 Aug 31 - Fall 2021 Suspended for Three Weeks

The Board met earlier tonight and voted to suspend play for three weeks, meaning Sept 23rd will be the next possible match night.

We will use this time to get input from members about safety concerns, to talk to venues, and to allow time to adjust schedules and team membership as necessary. Our next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday Sept 13th (7pm), where we will make additional decisions about how we best restart the league, including the possibility of staggering or separating restarts for the A, B, and C divisions.

I will be sending out a short survey in the next few days to solicit input on any personal requirements for restarting. You are also welcome to contact board members or division representatives directly with feedback. Thank you to those of you who provided feedback before tonight’s meeting.

We can’t stop anyone from getting together to play darts. If you go out please be safe and have fun.

Tue, 2021 Aug 31 - Special Board Meeting

Please note that there will be a "Special" Board Meeting on Tuesday August 31 at 5pm. All members are welcome to attend, and have "two minutes of input," while the Board discusses what we plan to do with this season (everything from "continue as usual" to "cancel outright" is on the table). Please see a Board Member (Russell, Allyson, John P, or Shirley) or one of your League Reps for an invite, should you wish to attend.

Wed, 2021 Aug 18 - SCVDA Discord Server

Hey SCVDA! Did you know we have our own Discord server? But what's Discord, you say? Discord is an large sort of "chat server," in a way, where people can reach each other in near-real time, and exchange ideas about any number of things.

But, more than that, it's also a group "Knowledge Base," where we can easily share and maintain documentation with you, important news, tournament updates (including actual video), or any number of other things. Not too long from now, you'll even see standings or signups come in from the website in real time. We are even curating a complete "Subs" list that people can flag for themselves, or just to make it easier for teams and captains to find extra players when they may be short one or two.

There's NO paid subscription required. It's free! Though, you can buy various subscriptions for yourself, or even donate them to the league's server to give everyone even more features. But, we get a lot for free, already. (though you can donate to help get us a few extra features... or, you can subscribe to the service, to get yourself a whole bunch of other bells and whistles to show off with, too!

Sign-Up on Discord and get your free account - verifying your email is also a good idea. Once you are on the server, just find the "public" channel (pull out from the left) and say "Hi" to @Board (type "@" followed by "Board" to tag each of us). Just tell us who you are, how you found us, and we will "flag" you as a league member, or just a friend of the league. Either way, you'll then be privy to a ton more information, all-around, about darts in and around Northern California, and your league.

NOTE: If you have your account and find yourself "lost," just click that invite link again, and it should take you directly to the server. This might still be "a bug" with the way new people sign-up for their service. There are also phone/tablet apps (technically using Chrome) for both Android and iOS, that may serve you better.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Discord!

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